World’s Top Concrete Product Manufacturers

The Concrete Product Manufacturing industry is a very competitive industry in the world that has been producing around 4.4 billion tons of concrete every year. Useful concrete products like blocks, pipes, bricks, walls and girders find huge demand in the construction industry and satisfy every type of need with attractive designs, reduced construction times and low expenses.

Some of the top concrete product manufacturers in the world are enlisted below based on their prominence.

The top list includes:

  1. Ameron International Corporation
  2. Continental Materials Corporation
  3. RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd
  4. Vulcan Materials Co.
  5. Miller & Long Co.
  6. Ultratech Concrete Solutions
  7. CRH (Oldcastle)

1. Ameron International Co.

Ameron is a well-established company in the United States that makes and sells concrete products and fabricated steel products for wind towers and water transmission works. This is a subsidiary firm of one of the major oilfield maker, National Oilwell Varco. They supply an enormous amount of ready-mix concrete and aggregates for the construction of box culverts and various projects in Hawaii.

The firm also manufactures concrete and steel pole products that are employed in lighting and traffic signal.

2. Continental Materials Corporation

This company is based in Chicago with branches at several states. The firm works in two industry groups. One is HVAC and the other is construction products. The construction products include concrete, aggregates, construction segment and door segments.

3. RDC Concrete Pvt Ltd

RDC Concrete Ltd is the largest ready-mix concrete producers in India. The company manufactures and supplies ready-mix concrete (RMC). It not only produces normal concrete but also special concrete of various grades. It owns a world-class infrastructure and technology that ensures product and service quality.

Vulcan Materials Co.

Vulcan Co. is a US owned company in Birmingham, Alabama. The company is recognized as the biggest producer of aggregates in the country with 17 % of Vulcan business owned by ready-mix concrete production.

5. Miller & Long

Miller & Long Co. offers all the construction services from the concrete supply, form, concrete placing to finishing. They are also huge manufacturers of the cast-in-place concrete elements for commercial, residential and many of the municipal projects in the mid-Atlantic region, USA.

6. Ultratech Concrete Solutions

Ultratech Concrete is the world’s 10th largest concrete manufacturer producing high quality and cost-effective concrete products. Ultratech produces performance-based concrete, green concrete, usage-based concrete and decorative concrete based on the various construction needs.

7. CRH (Oldcastle)

CRH is the third largest company in the US and one of the top companies producing concrete in the world. Among various construction services, they manufacture and produce ready-mix concrete, precast concrete structures, architectural precast, forming & accessories, reinforcement, bagged mixes and concrete repairs.

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