6 Great Google Apps You Probably Aren’t Us

There are various Google apps that we use everyday but did you know that Google has more than 100 apps published on the Play Store and Apple App Store. Apart from the popular Google apps like Gmail, Maps, Search, Chrome etc., there are various cool apps from Google. So, here are 6 Google apps that I fell for and you probably don’t know about:

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is an app aimed to make your 2-step verification (2SV) on Google accounts even more secure and hassle-free. To start using the app, you will first have to set up 2SV on your Google account. After it’s set up, you will be able to use codes from the app instead of getting codes via text or email something that hackers may exploit.

Arts & Culture

For all you art and history lovers out there, the app lets you explore arts, historic wonders, cultural artifacts and more from museums and other monuments. There’s an ability to take 360-degree tours of the monuments and read about various monuments. If you have an interest in art, history and culture, this Google app should definitely keep you engrossed.

My Maps

The app lets you use regions in a map to add your own pointers and details, so basically it lets you create your very own custom map. For instance, you can mark your favourite locations in the city and then use it later to show your friend around. You can save a map, create new maps and even share maps with your friends.

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D is an app that is primarily aimed at kids but can be fun for users of any age. The app allows users to create animated characters and tell stories through them. Toontastic 3D can also record your voice and animations and store it on your device as a 3D video. Quite funny for kids and silly for adults.

Spotlight Stories

The app brings you some of the most immersive stories you can watch on your smartphone. While there aren’t many stories in the app, you must watch the ones already there. The graphics are certainly beautiful and you will surely appreciate it. There are stories using 3D/2D animation, 360° videos which altogether makes you feel like you are in a cinema.


The app basically uses your smartphone’s camera to let you scan and save your favourite printed photos. PhotoScan doesn’t just take a photo of your printed photos, rather, it creates enhanced digital scans. The app brings features such as automatic cropping, smart rotation to give you a perfect scan of your photos etc.

Suprise Suprise Suprise?

Chances are you have heard of most of the apps in the list. Honestly, even I had no idea about some of the Google apps on the list and after trying them, I was surprised by how good these apps are. Well, it was a little expected, considering these are Google Apps we are talking about. So, try them out and let me know other cool Google Apps that are worth installing.

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