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AutoCAD Documentation, a key feature of any CAD software tool, has been improved greatly in the most recent versions of AutoCAD. To accurately turn designs into real world structures, people in the field rely on accurate documentation. That’s why Autodesk improved the documentation tools in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

Start New Documents or Open Existing Ones with the New Tab Page

Start on your designs with the New Tab page. Quickly open new and existing drawings, and access a large selection of design elements. You’ll have the ability to open templates, update from design feeds, or design data residing on A360 project collaboration software. For questions, select the Help Window, which displays tool locations within the interface via an animated arrow. This function acts as a mini AutoCAD tutorial and is a great resource for any questions you may have.

Enjoy Enhanced PDFs

With Enhanced PDFs, notes and dimensions have been added to reinforce the use of these PDFs as professional documentation. Text is searchable in your PDF, and if you create sheet sets with hyperlinks to drawings, those links are now maintained. Plotting out a PDF is also quicker, because you have more control over the vector raster and image quality of PDF output. The output is the same fidelity, at only half the file size.

Sneak Previews with Smart Dimensioning

Smart dimensioning is another critical feature and it works by automatically creating appropriate dimension notes based on the type of objects you select. Simply pass the cursor over selected objects to see a preview of the dimension before creating it.

View Changes More Easily with Revision Clouds

Revision clouds help draw attention to specific areas of your drawing that are changing. Draw revision clouds around new changes in a drawing to quickly identify your updates. Easily stretch, add to, and remove all parts of existing revision clouds, and create revision clouds from almost any object. Whether your revision cloud is rectangular, polygonal, or freehand, it’s now easier to edit its size and shape with a grip.

A Faster, Cleaner Workspace with Ribbon Gallery

The Ribbon gallery offers a fast and intuitive workflow for users. To add a block to your design, use the Ribbon gallery and hover over the ribbon for a block insertion. The Block gallery will display thumbnails of all the blocks. From there, you can insert your selection right away without having to use a dialog box.

Save Time with the Command Preview Tool

Another big time saver is the command preview tool, which helps reduce the number of Undo commands you make by letting you evaluate the potential changes of commands such as Offset, Fillet, and Trim. The Intelligent Command Line feature takes reviews a step further by including AutoCorrect, Adaptive Suggestions, and Synonym Suggestions. AutoCorrect spellchecks your input and offers suggestions from a synonym list, so you never have to see the Command Not Found message.

Since it is much easier to view all of these new features on the new refined interface, it also helps reduce eyestrain. It’s easier to see fine lines, buttons, and text, which increases functionality and productivity. Get the current version of AutoCAD today to see how all these new features work seamlessly together.

Learn more about the Command Tool here.

Engineering AutoCAD Documentation
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