Dummy Activity in Network Analysis

A Dummy occupation is a mode of company in a launch arrangement which neither requires any time nor any resource. It is an imaginary motion given away in a fling set of contacts to name the dependence amongst operation.

The submission and other skin of dummy leisure interest in arrangement study are explained below.

Features of Dummy Activity

Dummy endeavor forms a concerning connection for influence idea or for maintaining the inimitability of the activity. A dummy movement is old to take care of the meet people judgment and to let alone ambiguity.

An movement followed by a dummy endeavor preserve simply be complete some time ago the goings-on or actions preceding the dummy endeavor is completed.

A dummy action tin be any significant or non-critical. It becomes a disparaging occupation after the at an earlier time open time and the newest conclude time are equal.

Representation of Dummy Activity

A dummy activity, nature an imaginary or surplus activity, is represented by a dotted edge with an arrowhead. The figures on the passenger terminal nodes are second-hand to characterize a dummy activity. A dummy doings is visibly explained by an paradigm in figure-1.

Fig.1.Representation of Dummy Activity

Consider 2 sets of behavior as normal 1 and setting 2.

Set 1

A: transfer of New Machines

B: ensconce New Machines

Set 2

C: subtract unfilled Machine

D: Dispose presented Machine

As given away in the exchange ideas above, A and B preserve be performed serially. The actions C and D preserve additionally be performed serially. But practically, the goings-on D of collection 2 be able to barely be performed after finishing the commotion B of settle on 1.

So a dummy procession is haggard between node 2 and node 5 indicating that the leisure interest D bottle single be performed after the occasion 2 is over.

Uses of Dummy Activity

The dummy endeavor serves the next purposes in a assignment network:

Grammatical Purpose

Logical Purpose

1.Grammatical Purpose

A dummy commotion be able to be second-hand to put off two arrows with a frequent creation and close points. This preserve be explained by an model as made known in the figure-2.

Dummy Activity Serving the Grammatical Purpose

Fig.2.(a)Network without Dummy Activity(b)Dummy Activity Serving the Grammatical Purpose

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